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Four online qualifiers, six invited teams, one in-person championship. BuckyTour has partnered with the Vienna Challengers Arena to produce the Bridge: Emerald Series, an eight month long event to crown the best bridge team in the world. Three teams from North America will compete against three teams from Europe in the world's first in-person Bridge event.




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The Bridge: Emerald Series North American Open Qualifier is the world's first chance at qualifying for the first in-person Bridge event in history.

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Our rules, regulations, and competitive policy

You're not allowed to cheat, or use mods or external tools which give you an unfair advantage
One physical movement of a body part should lead to one press of a button which should perform one in-game action
Togglesprint must only allow you to sprint forwards.
If you are not sure whether a mod is allowed, you can open a support ticket in the discord
Global Competition Policy Download


What is the Bridge: Emerald Series?

Bridge is a gamemode within Minecraft where teams of 2 compete against each other with the aim of scoring 5 goals. In the Bridge: Emerald Series, 6 teams, chosen through 4 open qualifiers, will be flown to Vienna, Austria to compete in-person in the first event of its kind in Minecraft history. In addition to the prestige, competitors will compete for over 7,500 dollars in prize money.

If a qualified player is under 18, will parents be able to travel with their children?

Parents wishing to accompany their child to the in-person event in Vienna are encouraged to reach out to us at parents@buckytour.com. BuckyTour is unable to offer any paid airfare or hotel accommodations to anyone besides qualified players. Tickets to the event will be provided for the family of a qualified player.

Why is the LAN in Vienna?

The LAN is in Vienna, Austria due to our sponsor, the Vienna Challengers Arena, being located in the city. VCA is the largest esports tournament organizer in Austria, and a respected tournament organizer in Europe. Any parents who have concerns with their children being flown to Vienna should contact BuckyTour at parents@buckytour.com. Further information about the VCA can be found at challengersarena.com

Will double clicking be banned?

Double clicking will not be allowed on the BuckyTour server or in tournament play. Players should disable it themselves through mouse drivers or use of third party software which will provide (This will apply for drag clicking as well). Further questions about double clicking can be addressed in a ticket within the BuckyTour discord server.
Download the party software

How can I receive up to date information about the tournament?

The BuckyTour Discord server will be our primary point of communication with competitors, you can also follow our social media, @buckytour on all platforms.


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